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BestOBest brainchild, Heeguunte.com  is a website that is an entertainment platform for those who are looking for mysteries around the globe. Here we publish those videos not telecast  on TV often. Now do not worry about missing out any interesting mystery episodes. We will get all stories for you on this single platform.

“Heegu Unte!” is a Kannada word, used to express the shock for unexpected events. “Heegu” means “Like this” and “Unte” means “Is it!” (with !).



This is not the official website of the TV show “Heegu Unte”.
All videos in this website are documented and published from other sources.
We will not take any responsibility for any concerns you have with  its contents.
Viewer’s Advice: Contents in this website  might not be suitable for children, psychologically weak,people with heart diseases.Viewers discretion is advised.
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